Summer Sun Tea Recipe

It is FINALLY that time of year!

The sun is shining, plants are growing, everything is just a little bit brighter.

It is shorts and sunnies season, and I could not be more excited!

Even with the new norm that is going on in our world today, I still find it important to find joy in the little things. One of these little things that brings me a massive amount of joy is making Sun Tea!

My Grandma always made sun tea when I was a little girl, and honestly it was something I had forgotten about until recently. She would always ask us to pick some mint from the garden, and even though waiting for the few hours we had to seemed like forever, nothing was better than taking that first sip on a hot day when it was poured over ice. 

Making sun tea now not only brings back sweet memories of my Grandma when I am missing her a little extra, but also helps me feel a little liberated in a way. I love making things. Anything. Beautiful things. Practical things. Silly things. Really, ANYTHING. But I have also noticed that for some reason I feel the need to “follow rules” or “ask permission” before I let my creativity flow. 

When I was first wanting to make sun tea, I began thinking, “What do I need to make this?” “What if I don’t have everything?” “Lavender sounds like it would be good, is that even allowed?” “Can I just throw in what I have/ want?” “Well, why not?” 

I know to some this might seem like a borderline crazy commentary, but for me, this is pretty normal. And something as simple as sun tea helps me work through those little barriers I find myself running into. It helps me remind myself that there are only roadblocks in the way if I let them stay there. 

So, that is the thing I LOVE about this recipe! It is so customizable. You can keep, add, mix, match. Really, whatever you want to do! 

This is my personal recipe that I came up with and LOVED! It definitely brings me so much joy. 

It is amazing over ice, and also try mixing it with some homemade lemonade for an OUT OF THIS WORLD Arnold Palmer! 

I hope this post brings you a sweet new recipe to add to your collection as well as some words of encouragement!

Click below for the recipe and let me know what you think or your new ideas in the comments below!

Also don’t forget to check you my new Youtube Channel! Click below to check it out!

I hope you all have a blessed day!

With Love, 


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