Joshua’s Minimalistic Nursery

I cannot believe that I finally got the chance to decorate an entire nursery! I have always loved decorating, and I am guilty of starting a nursery Pinterest board years ago! For Sophie, we did not really plan out and create an entire nursery since we had so much going on in 2017. We did what we were able to, but now with creating Joshua’s nursery, we were also able to plan out and decorate a fun room for Sophie as well! (Coming in a post soon!)

When it came to Joshua’s Nursery, I wanted to keep it as minimal as possible. After having Sophie, I realized that you do not need as much as you think you do! Especially for newbies.

All I really wanted to concentrate on was good furniture we could continue to use for him as he got older, as well as simple, meaningful décor.

The watercolor polka dots were a perfect way to create an accent wall, as well as allowing us to have something in common with Sophie’s room as well! (She has the same polka dots in pink!) The world map on his wall was the guest book we used at his baby shower! I love that we were able to hang up such sweet messages on his wall to keep for him to read for years to come.

I love having a sansevieria plant in his room because it is 1. An air purifier and 2. EXTREMELY easy to take care of! The Hatch nursery light is an excellent alternative for a lamp, and is easily customizable through the app it connects to! It changes color as well as playing white noise and lullabies.

I hope you all love Joshua’s nursery as much as we do, and all links will be listed below!





Rocking Chair

Activity Center

Gold Mirror

World Map

Accordion Hanger

Wall Decals

Hatch Nursery Light

Moby Wrap

Crib Sheet

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