My Pregnancy Workout Routine

Hello Everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about my Pregnancy workout routine, broken up by trimester.

Since Baby Boy is already here, I obviously cannot work out until I am cleared to do so from my doctor at my 6 week appointment, but I am looking forward to jumping back in!

I love working out at home, because 1. It is MUCH easier with a toddler, and 2. Honestly, I sometimes don’t feel super comfortable working out in front of other people. I enjoy working out in my own space, at my own speed, and being able to start and stop is a great part of working out at home while pregnant with a toddler.

My favorite thing to do in order to work out is with a guided workout on YouTube. Usually during nap time is when I get my workout in, I put a guided video on our living room TV and bust out as much as I possibly can.

My favorite first trimester workout to do is the Bump’n Body Prenatal Workout by Tone It Up. I would do this workout 6 times a week and have a day to rest (usually one of Josh’s days off so we can spend time together).

I tried to keep up with it as much as possible, and I did notice that the more I kept up with it, the more energy and less fatigue I had.

In my second trimester, I wanted to change it up a little bit, so in order to do that (and with my new-found energy) I would continue to do the Bump’n Body Prenatal Workout, but also added in the Prenatal Booty Workout and the Quick Upper Body Pregnancy Workout, both by Tone It Up. Even though I had more energy during my second Trimester, I lowered my workouts to 5 times a week, switching off between the original workout and the booty and upper body workouts. Since one was a full body workout, and the other two were targeting specific areas, I would alternate between a day of doing the full body workout and a day of combining the two targeted workouts for my 5 days of workouts that week.

In my last trimester, in the beginning, I would continue to work out 5 times a week, this time switching off between the Upper Body and Booty workouts 4 times a week, and breaking it up with a prenatal yoga routine. My favorite to follow is the 20 Minute Prenatal Bedtime Yoga Routine by SarahBethYoga. I stopped working out 5 times a week around 35 weeks, because I was having a lot of exercise induced Braxton hick’s contractions (definitely not comfortable!). After talking with my doctor, she suggested that from that point on I take it a little easier.

Since 35 weeks I followed along to SarahBethYoga’s prenatal yoga routines 3-4 times a week. I love the bedtime routine, because I find that it is a nice way to end the day with stretching and relaxing my body. Another added benefit is that it helps with my Restless Leg Syndrome (which is an ABSOLUTE life saver!).

I hope you all enjoyed this post and these workouts as much as I do! I will talk to you all in my next post!

(Remember to always talk to your doctor and/or health care provider in order to understand how these exercise routines may affect you, your health and your baby. Always make sure to get everything okayed before engaging in any kind of workout during pregnancy.)

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