The Casual Mom Lookbook

Hey Everyone! I hope that everyone is having a happy week!

So I am going to dive straight into it. Trying to look stylish while feeling comfortable, most of the time, seems completely undoable. I have a nine month old little one, and as much as I want to spend two and a half hours getting ready, I can’t.

So I have learned how to plan a few simple outfits that are now my go to’s that are super comfy, nursing friendly (YAY!) and super cute!

My first outfit is a plain black bodysuit with a pair of light washed boyfriend jeans and my black suede mules. I really love this outfit because it plays around with basics and ends up looking young and modern. I love the scoop neck of the body suit, and the contrast of the outfit as a whole. This is really easy to throw together, and ends up looking like I actually tried to get ready! Woo hoo!

These next two outfit ideas are a more dressed up option. I personally like wearing them to church or a family get-together! Both are again paired with the scoop-neck black body suit with 3/4 sleeve, and my black mules. The first outfit ends with my black and white striped A-Line skirt with (functional) buttons down the middle. I absolutely love this skirt in that it is not see through, is well made, and very flattering. It creates the appearance of a narrow waist and broader hips due to the stripe details. This also helps lengthen the lower body (which helps me look taller. Again, Woo Hoo!).

The second outfit I am wearing is a denim dress with (functional) buttons running down the middle. I am so impressed with the quality of this dress. Sometimes denim clothing items can be made to look cute, but feel cheap, and fall apart quick. This dress is NOT like that at all. It is so comfortable while still feeling sturdy. I think that this dress is so cute and I love how nursing friendly it is!

I think that both this skirt and dress are so unique, and they will continue to be staples in my closet!

My last outfit is definitely one of my favorites. Ever since the off the shoulder trend came out, I can not get enough! With this outfit I am wearing a white and blue pinstriped off the shoulder blouse with 3/4 sleeves with a tie detailing. I paired those with my darker washed skinny jeans and my brown sandals. I have had the sandals for a few years now, and they do not disappoint. They are super casual and easy to pair with any outfit, but still comfortable and lightweight. They are perfect for the coming warmer months! I love the color of this top since it is light enough to be more of a basic piece but trendy enough to be the highlight of this outfit. This is my favorite spring outfit this season!

I hope you all enjoyed my casual lookbook, and I will talk to you all in my next post!

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